Dr. Mohamed and Dr. Howell Awarded RAPiDS Grants

Two Department of Anesthesiology faculty have received RAPiDS (Rapid AI Prototyping and Development for patient Safety) Cycle 2 Grants to support artificial intelligence-aided projects to enhance patients’ postsurgical outcomes and maximize resource efficiency.

Basma Mohamed

Basma Mohamed, MBChB, associate professor and chief of the Division of Perioperative Medicine, was awarded a RAPiDS Cycle 2 Grant for a proposal titled “Moving Towards Evidence-Based Perioperative Care in Older Adults Electing Spine Surgery—Role of Pain in Perioperative Delirium.” The project aims to retrospectively characterize preoperative cognitive, pain, and sociodemographic risk profile types and ranges in older adults electing surgery for degenerative spine disease as well as characterize the postoperative course with specific attention to pain management, delirium, and cognitive recovery. By identifying the risk profile, the principal investigator will be able to evaluate the impact of perioperative pain management on the incidence of delirium in the targeted patient population.

Keith Howell, M.D., associate professor of anesthesiology, was awarded a RAPiDS Cycle 2 Grant for a proposal titled “Patient-Specific Maximum Surgical Blood Ordering Schedule.” This project is intended to develop a personalized bleeding risk score based on individualized patient-specific factors, as well as create a visualization tool that incorporates and displays the relative contribution of those factors into a composite score. This will help guide more effective blood product availability and lab ordering for elective surgeries.

As part of the Quality and Patient Safety initiative (QPSi), these grants were implemented to support the Office of AI Application and Innovation’s Artificial Intelligence/Quality Improvement (AI/QI) program and its AI/QI Incubator efforts to advance the science and practice of patient safety using AI tools. The final scope and budget for the awards will be developed with the RAPiDS Grants Team.

Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed and Dr. Howell!

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