October Resident of the Month

Please help us congratulate our October Resident of the Month, Elaine Kerr, M.D.!

Elaine Kerr, MD

Dr. Kerr’s colleagues can’t say enough about what a pleasure she is to work with, both because of her clinical expertise and her personal interactions. Read on for some of her nominations.

“Elaine is another one of the unsung heroes of this program. She is always extremely attentive and communicative when running teams and working on shifting the moving parts. I have witnessed her handle extremely stressful situations both in and out of the OR with relative ease. She is considerate, fun to work with, ready to help at a moment’s notice, and a pleasure to be around. Absolutely overdue for her.”

“Not only is Elaine clinically excellent, she is always an absolute pleasure to work with. She has had her fair share of difficult cases and handles very stressful situations effortlessly. She’s always considerate of her co-residents and has demonstrated excellent leadership skills while running mole and Saturday call.”

Congratulations, Dr. Kerr!

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