August Resident of the Month: Ryan Belk, D.O.

Ryan Belk, DO

Please help us congratulate our August 2023 Resident of the Month, Ryan Belk, D.O.!

Dr. Belk’s colleagues have noticed that he’s always stepping up for the team, and they decided a little recognition was long overdue. Read on for some quotes from his nominations.

“Dr. Belk is a secret superstar. He’s very quiet but I’ve had many calls/shifts with him and he is an excellent team member. He never complains and makes sure everything gets done; he’s very competent. He always has a good attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”

“Ryan has a fierce “team mentality” and is always making sure that everyone is taken care of. Recently at the VA, he was asked to step up to help cover a colleague who had called out, and he graciously accepted without complaint despite an unfavorable schedule: had already had a couple late stays, call shifts, and was just coming off mole.”

“Unsung Hero, always stepping up, has deserved this for long time coming.”

Congratulations, Dr. Belk!

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