Thorsten Haas, M.D., receives the W. Martin Smith Interdisciplinary Patient Safety Award

Thorsten Haas MD

Thorsten Haas, M.D., professor of anesthesiology and director of patient blood management, was awarded the W. Martin Smith Interdisciplinary Patient Safety Award, for his project titled Implementation of a Preoperative Anemia Clinic as part of the Patient Blood Management Program at the University of Florida Health in Gainesville, FL. Keith Howell, M.D., associate professor of anesthesiology, is also involved in the project.

“Patient safety and quality of care are of the utmost importance at UF Health,” said Dr. Haas. “Through education and awareness, we can make sure patients are informed about our patient blood management (PBM) program and of opportunities to screen for anemia. We’re extremely proud that our PBM program has received this important award.”

Patient blood management

The patient blood management program is focused on maintaining and preserving a patient’s own blood, minimizing the need for blood transfusions. “We’ll be using best practices to detect and treat preoperative anemia in patients undergoing surgery,” said the program’s new quality officer, Imke Casey, DNP, RN-BC.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” she said. “Under Dr. Haas’s leadership, our interdisciplinary team’s anemia clinic will promote blood conservation measures, evaluate blood usage, and increase awareness of PBM.”

The University of Florida W. Martin Smith Interdisciplinary Patient Safety Awards Program provides start-up support for faculty and staff to design and implement projects focused on reducing the likelihood of adverse events or claims and/or patient safety and clinical process improvements. Smith Awards-funded projects must plan and implement clinical education and process improvement initiatives designed to directly improve patient safety and clinical processes that enhance the delivery of care and minimize the opportunity for claims and litigation.

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