Residents prepare for clinical anesthesiology at 2023 Basic Skills Boot Camp

Twenty Department of Anesthesiology interns had the opportunity to learn essential clinical skills in preparation for their first year of clinical anesthesiology training (CA-1) at the 2023 Basic Skills Boot Camp, held the week of June 5. The sessions are designed to address basic clinical and communication skills to make the transition to the CA-1 year a smooth one.

Basic Skills Bootcamp 2023

The five-day instructional series highlighted topics such as anesthesiology measurements and checks, emergency medicine, airway management intubation and extubation, procedural practice, and quality and safety.

Basma Mohamed, M.D., assistant professor of anesthesiology, said the structure of this year’s boot camp has been streamlined.

“The new approach was designed to focus on hands-on sessions,” she said, “prioritizing the introduction of essential skills needed to help residents succeed during the first two weeks of their pairing period with senior residents.”

Resident intern Jessica Mandel, M.D., said she was grateful for the opportunity to practice on equipment that she’ll be using every day during her CA-1 year.

“I’ve been consistently impressed with how much our program prioritizes and invests in our education,” she said. “I know that the CA-1 year will be immensely challenging, both mentally and physically, but I’m incredibly excited because we finally get to do what we’ve been pursuing for years. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!”

"The time we spent getting a feel for things in the sim lab was particularly valuable."

Jessica Mandel, M.D. (left)

Jessica Mandel (left)

Special thanks to everyone who took the time to provide this important educational opportunity to our interns!

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