Faculty Awarded Department of Anesthesiology Research Opportunity Funds

The Department of Anesthesiology’s Spring 2023 research funding opportunity, which closed on May 5, awarded five research grants totaling $18,415 to support faculty research.

The winners are Michael Franklin, D.O., Amanda Frantz, M.D., Sebastian R. Gatica-Moris, M.D., Anatoly Martynyuk, Ph.D., and Soleil Schutte, M.D.

Spring 2023 Opportunity Research Fund Recipients

Dr. Franklin’s proposal is titled “Comparing Opioid-Free Anesthesia to Traditional Techniques in Cardiac Surgery.”

Dr. Frantz’s proposal is titled “OsCAR: Open Cardiac Arrest Simulator.”

Dr. Gatica-Moris’ proposal is titled “Occlusive Radial Arterial Pressure (ORAP) and its Use to Reveal Vascular Waterfall Phenomena During Mean Filling Pressure (Pmcf) Estimation.”

Dr. Martynuk’s proposal is titled “Young Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury and Intergenerational Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorder.”

Dr. Schutte’s proposal is titled “A Curriculum for Teaching and Learning Spinal Anesthesia Using a Mixed-Reality Simulator.”

Funding will begin May 30, 2023. These funds will be used for supplies and other research-related expenses needed to conduct these projects. The department chose to fund these projects in the hope that publications will result from this research and that they may develop into larger research projects.

Congratulations to all recipients of this round of awards from the Department of Anesthesiology Research Opportunity Fund!

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