Department of Anesthesiology Focuses on Research During Annual Event

Doctor Enneking discussing research with a student

The 2023 Department of Anesthesiology Celebration of Research was held on March 29 to showcase the department’s exceptional research and encourage collaboration and mentorship. There were more than 100 attendees, including faculty, staff, residents, fellows and students. The event took place at the UF Health south tower conference rooms, where participants had the opportunity to view posters, oral presentations and the keynote speech.

Brian Ilfeld, M.D., M.S., a professor of anesthesiology at the University of California San Diego, delivered this year’s keynote speech titled “Why Science is Less Scientific than We Like to Think (and What to Do About It).” Ilfeld commended the department on the impressive display of research showcased in the many posters presented, citing it as a testament to the academic mission of the department faculty and leadership.

The event included 52 unique abstracts highlighting the breadth of the department’s research, which were presented as posters. A panel of faculty judges selected the six best abstracts, three of which were chosen as the top overall abstracts, along with the top student research, resident research and fellow research. These six top abstracts were presented orally.

Amy Gunnett, R.N., CCRC, manager of clinical research for the department, and her team, along with interim associate chair of research Kayser Enneking, M.D., led the organization of the event. Many thanks to them and all those who participated.

View a recording of the oral presentations and keynote speech.

2023 Abstract Winners

First Place

Sandra Yan, M.D.

Title: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Pathway for Posterior Cervical Surgery: A Retrospective Propensity-Matched Cohort Study 
Co-Authors: Ken Porche, M.D., Cynthia Garvan, Ph.D., Daniel Hoh, M.D., Basma Mohamed, MBChB

first place winner

Second Place

Mayank Kotadia & Alexis Bauer

Title: Physical Prehabilitation as an Optimization for Frail Elderly Patients Undergoing Spine Surgery 
Co-Authors: Ramon Martinez, Victor Silva, Basma Mohamed, MBChB

second place winners

Third Place

Valerie Cabrera

Title: Evidence that Subarachnoid Hemorrhage be a Risk Factor for the Etiopathology of Alzheimer Disease
Co-Authors: Sylvain Doré, Ph.D., FAHA

third place winner

Top Student Research

Ramon Martinez

Title: Staying proper with your personal protective equipment: How to don and doff
Co-Authors: Cameron Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Terrie Vasilopoulos, Ph.D., Amanda Frantz, M.D., Thomas LeMaster, MSN, Med, R.N., Amy Gunnett, R.N., CCRC, Brenda Fahy, M.D., MCCM

best student research winner

Top Resident Research

Ge Qu, M.D.

Title: Bi-plane ultrasound utilization improves accuracy and safety for peripheral vascular access on phantom simulation in anesthesia clinicians.
Co-Authors: Joshua W. Sappenfield, M.D., Cynthia S. Garvan, Ph.D., Amanda M. Frantz, M.D., Nikolaus Gravenstein, M.D.

best resident research winner

Top Fellow Research

Yahya Acar, M.D.

Title: Assessment of Simulator-Based Remote Training for Mastery Learning Of Ultrasound-Guided Difficult Peripheral Vascular Access
Co-Authors: Regina Knudsen, Dogan Ozen, Chris Samouce, Ph.D., David Lizdas, M.S., David Indarawis, Serdar Kesikburun, Samsun Lampotang, Ph.D., Nikolaus Gravenstein, M.D.

Best fellow research winner

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