Martin Noguera, M.S., Honored with UF Superior Accomplishment Award

We are pleased to announce that Martin Noguera, M.S., Research Administrator II, has been honored with the 2023 UF Superior Accomplishment Award for his outstanding contributions to our department and institution!

The Superior Accomplishment Awards program is designed to recognize outstanding faculty and staff for their dedication to their jobs and for going above and beyond to advance the mission of our great university and serve the community at-large. Each winner is nominated by supervisors, peers or customers. The award comes with a $200 cash prize, a framed certificate and a commemorative coffee mug.

Martin Noguera

Martin won in Division 5, which encompasses the six health colleges, in the administrative/supervisory category. He will be considered for university-level awards, which offer $1,000 and $2,000 cash prizes, and recognized at an awards banquet on March 20 at the Hilton UF Conference Center.

Martin’s nomination letters for this award praise his positive attitude, strong work-ethic, attention to detail and drive to go beyond expectations. Below are some quotes from these letters.

“The reason Martin stands out is his self-initiated involvement in numerous significant, other-centered activities in addition to performing his assigned duties at a high level. Included in these other-centered activities are his diversity, equity and inclusion work, his research podcasting as a UF Research Ambassador, his mentoring activities with undergraduates, and his Department Wellness initiatives work. Martin’s full engagement benefits individuals around him, our department, and our institution at a scale much greater than his title of research administrator would suggest or expect from him.”

“His knowledge of UF policies, procedures, and regulations has been invaluable for navigating complex administrative requirements. Mr. Noguera is detail-oriented, accurate and meticulous in his work, exceptionally well-organized, and hard-working. His assistance is always prompt, cheerful, and appropriate. His communication and interpersonal skills are exceptional, as is his professionalism; he is able to resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations and people with remarkable patience and admirable tact.”

“His knowledge and communication ability have made the complicated process of submitting grants operate much more smoothly in our department. He has a keen attention to detail, and always provides vital edits and corrections to my grant submissions to make sure they conform to the requirements of the funding agencies. He also is very personable and provides a calming presence to the entire process. He will pop into my office often to see if I need help, or provide gentle, yet needed, reminders on deadlines. And, with his sense of humor and positive presence, having a conversation with him is always welcome.”

Congratulations, Martin!