Dr. Mohamed Accepted into Physician Well-Being Director Course

Basma Mohamed
Basma Mohamed, MBChB

Basma Mohamed, MBChB, assistant professor of anesthesiology and assistant program director for resident wellness, has been accepted into the Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Physician Well-Being Director Course.

This virtual, six-week course endeavors to empower participants to catalyze meaningful local change, employ best practices, and help improve the well-being of their colleagues. Mohamed hopes to use the best practices and evidence-based approaches she learns to collaborate with team members to promote a culture of well-being within the department of anesthesiology as a whole and specifically the residency program.

“Residency in general can be a challenging time for trainees and can also be a source of stress and burnout if the causes for stress are not identified and managed early. There is a lot to learn during different years of training, and offering evidence-based guidance is key,” she said.

Mohamed believes it is beneficial to learn from experienced colleagues and would like to share her knowledge so that others do not have to figure things out on their own through trial and error.

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