Residents learn essential skills in 2022 Basic Skills Boot Camp

Resident learning on a simulator

The 2022 Basic Skills Boot Camp prepared our intern class for the challenges of their first clinical year of residency through a dedicated week of lectures and simulation training.

Over five days from June 6-10, residents received instruction on topics such as anesthesiology measurements and checks, emergency medicine, airway management intubation and extubation, procedural practice, and quality and safety.

The week included a mix of lectures, simulation sessions, and operating room instruction to equip residents with the skills and knowledge they need to face challenges in the operating room. The week allows residents a valuable opportunity to master the basics and learn foundational concepts. By honing their skills in a low-risk environment, residents are well equipped to respond to crises in high-risk environments.

Special thanks to everyone in our department who worked hard to make this week a success, including:

  • Tammy Euliano, M.D., for teaching “Rapid Sequence Induction/Extubation and Emergence”
  • Cameron Smith, M.D., Ph.D., for teaching “Machine Errors” and “Regional Anesthesia”
  • Timothy W. Martin, M.D., M.B.A., FASA, for teaching “Pediatrics”
  • Michael Franklin, D.O., for teaching “Medical Errors 1 and 2”
  • Patrick Quade, M.D., for teaching “IV Fluid and Line Prep/Transfusion Protocol/Belmont Rapid Infuser/Insertion and Maintenance of CVLs”
  • Jack Hagan, M.D., for teaching “Perioperative Emergencies”
  • Basma Mohamed, M.D., for teaching “Preop 101”
  • Isaac Luria, M.D., and chief resident Andrey Suprun, M.D. for teaching “Machine Check”
  • Sonia Mehta, M.D., for teaching “Sedation-Anesthesia Continuum”
  • Chief resident Bryan Stevens, M.D., for teaching “Crash Cart”
  • Barys Ihnatsenka, M.D., for teaching “Hyper-Hypotension”
  • Lauren Berkow, M.D., and chief residents Andrey Suprun, M.D., and Bryan Stevens, M.D., for teaching “Airway Gadgets and EET Placement”
  • Lauren Berkow, M.D., and chief residents Andrey Suprun, M.D., and Bryan Stevens, M.D., for teaching “Cricothyrotomy Lab”
  • Crystal Smith for teaching “EPIC Training”
  • Tony DeStephens for setting up and facilitating the simulation labs
  • Ricky Snyder for coordinating and leading the administration orientation day
  • Carley Hume for coordinating

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