Celebrating our January 2022 Resident of the Month

Please help us congratulate our January 2022 Resident of the Month: Andrew Bennett, M.D., CA-3!

Andrew Bennet, MD

Dr. Bennett was nominated by his fellow residents and faculty for his hard work and motivation and for going above and beyond in his duties. Below are some of the quotes from his nominations.

“Dr. Bennett is a true team player. He constantly looks out for his co-residents and advocates for work-life balance. He works hard at work, but he teaches junior residents the importance of family when away. Thank you for being a great role model.”

“Dr. Bennett has always been an honest resident who tells it like it is. He is great for advice and confiding in.”

“Dr. Bennett is a genuinely kind person, cares deeply for his colleagues, and always puts their needs before his own.”

Dr. Bennett also received a shout-out from a patient:

“My non-whole-blood transfusion request was honored respectfully and acknowledged. The team made me feel like an important person. I am one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Thank you.”

Congratulations, Dr. Bennett!