Celebrating our December 2021 Resident of the Month

Please help us congratulate our December 2021 Resident of the Month: Angela Bott, D.O., CA-1!

Dr. Bott was nominated by her fellow residents and faculty for her hard work and motivation and for going above and beyond in her duties. Below are some of the quotes from her nominations.

“Angel is an all-star, and her reputation precedes her. She is calm, poised, and thoughtful. She is a self-starter. Most of the time when you ask her to go do something, she is already working on it or has already finished. She never grumbles or complains, but instead spreads a cheeriness and optimism that helps the entire team. Smart, kind, helpful, humble, she is the complete package. She definitely deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work!”

“A truly spectacular resident, demonstrating dedication, humility, and an incredible work ethic. Always willing to help, and genuinely cares for both her colleagues and patients.”

“Progressing very well and has been a great teacher.”

“Dr. Bott has been a true asset to this program. She works hard each day and comes with a great attitude into any situation. She always looks out for her fellow residents and strives to make sure they are able to make it to scheduled events even if it means she does a preop after being relieved. If we could all be Dr. Botts, we would all be better people.”

Congratulations, Dr. Bott!

Angela Bott

Julie Holroyd

This month, we would also like to give a special shout-out to acute and perioperative pain medicine fellow Julie Holroyd, M.D.!

Here is what others had to say about her:

“Even though I know she’s a fellow/attending, she was amazing as NT AOD PM and available for signouts, teaching, and setting up rooms and helped the team avoid calling in our #5 at 4am.”

“She single-handedly kept our #5 home on mole this week during the middle of the night. She did signouts in NT so we didn’t have to walk over repeatedly. She was essentially the 6th person on our mole team and made us feel valued and appreciated.”

Congratulations, Dr. Holroyd!

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