Celebrating our November 2021 Resident of the Month

Please help us congratulate our November 2021 Resident of the Month: Nick Rahn, M.D., CA-2!

Dr. Rahn was nominated by his fellow residents and faculty for his hard work and motivation and for going above and beyond in his duties. Below are some of the quotes from his nominations.

“He has done a good job working with a new CA1.”

“Always has a great attitude, willing to take on any challenge, and incredibly easy to work with! He will always stay late to help his team and is a great team player.”

“Nick is one of the hardest-working residents we have here. He is often asked to come in early and stay late, but he never complains and is always there for his patients and his co-residents. He is always going above and beyond to make sure the team is running smoothly and that his co-residents are taken care of. I wish we could have 90 Nick Rahns walking around. He is a great doctor and person and deserves some recognition for his quiet, hard work. I hope this is the month he finally gets that!”

Congratulations, Dr. Rahn!

Resident of the month Nick Rahn