Celebrating our September 2021 Resident of the Month

Please help us congratulate our September 2021 Resident of the Month: Trevor Sudweeks, D.O.!

Dr. Sudweeks was nominated by his fellow residents and faculty for his hard work and motivation and for going above and beyond in his duties. Below are some of the quotes from his nominations.

The man is long overdue on this. His is an incredibly hard worker. He will make schedule adjustments at the drop of a hat, no questions asked. He stays long to ensure that the work is done and his colleagues’ burden is light. I am sure he has been nominated for months now, and I hope he gets ROM this time around. He definitely deserves it!!!

Trevor was a great help in the peer-review process of a paper.

His dedication to patient care and attention to details is amazing.

Congratulations, Dr. Sudweeks!

Trevor Sudweeks