Article by Dr. Doré’s Lab Selected for Stroke Editor’s Pick Collection

Sylvain Dore, PhD

An article on vitamin D and stroke by Sylvain Doré, Ph.D., and colleagues has been selected by the chief editor of the journal Frontiers in Neurology for a special collection.

The Stroke Editor’s Pick 2021 collection is selected by professor Jean-Claude Baron of the University of Cambridge. It highlights the best-received spontaneous submissions of the past two years in the Stroke section and helps to promote high-quality research. An e-book will be available soon.

The systematic review article, titled “Vitamin D and Stroke: Effects on Incidence, Severity, and Outcome and the Potential Benefits of Supplementation,” was written by Dr. Doré, professor of anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry, pharmaceutics, and neuroscience, and laboratory members Keerthi Yarlagadda and Nicholas Ma. It was published online in June 2020.

Congrats, Dr. Doré and colleagues!