Dr. Reina is Co-Editor of New Textbook on Cervical Plexus Anatomy

Congratulations to Miguel Reina, M.D., Ph.D., a courtesy clinical professor of anesthesiology, who is an editor of a new textbook titled Surgical Anatomy of the Cervical Plexus and its Branches.

Reina is also a coauthor on four chapters in the book, which was published by Elsevier in April 2021.

André P. Boezaart, M.D., Ph.D., emeritus professor of anesthesiology, is a coauthor on three chapters in the book, which is described as the first work of its kind devoted to the surgical anatomy of the cervical plexus.

The book, which explains and illustrates the surgical anatomy of each branch of the cervical plexus, is geared to physicians and residents from a wide range of medical and surgical disciplines.

It is edited by R. Shane Tubbs, M.S., PA-C, Ph.D.; Marios Loukas, M.D., Ph.D.; Malcon Andrei Martinez-Pereira, Sr., Ph.D.; Claudia Cejas, M.D.; C.J. Bui, M.D.; Reina; and Joe Iwanaga, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Reina and Boezaart contributed to the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: An Overview of the Cervical Plexus: R. Shane Tubbs, Marios Loukas, Joe Iwanaga, Malcon Andrei Martinez-Pereira Sr., Claudia Cejas, C.J. Bui and Miguel Angel Reina
  • Chapter 12: Microanatomy of the Origin of the Cervical Plexus at the Spinal Cord, Nerve Root Cuffs, and Dorsal Root Ganglia Levels: Irene Riquelme, Miguel Angel Reina, André P. Boezaart, Francisco Reina, Virginia García-García, Paloma Fernández and Anna Carrera
  • Chapter 13: Cross-Sectional Anatomy of the Cervical Plexus: Francisco Reina, Miguel Angel Reina, Enrique Verdú, André P. Boezaart, Javier Moratinos-Delgado and Anna Carrera
  • Chapter 14: Cervical Plexus Dissection: Anna Carrera, Xavier Sala-Blanch, Ana V. Montaña, André P. Boezaart, Miguel Angel Reina, and Francisco Reina

Congratulations, Drs. Reina and Boezaart!