Resident Spotlight: Lida Esfandiary, MD

Lida Esfandiary, MD

Originally from Miami, Lida Esfandiary, MD, earned her undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Florida in 2014 before attending UF’s College of Medicine. In her final year of medical school, she earned the prestigious J.S. Gravenstein Award based on her record of achievements and demonstrated interest in anesthesiology; she had been  involved in research in our department on the choice of resuscitative fluid in post-cardiac surgery patients.

Now a second-year resident, Dr. Esfandiary has also dedicated numerous hours to volunteer work in several organizations in the community including the Equal Access Clinic, St Francis House, and Science Outreach.

We asked Dr. Esfandiary a few questions about her experience in our anesthesiology residency program so far and her advice for others.

Q: Why did you choose UF’s anesthesiology residency program and choose to stay at UF?

A: I knew the University of Florida would offer the best opportunity to advance my professional potential both in and out of the operating room. The program’s commitment to teamwork as well as patient care and safety resonated with many of my personal values. To say the least, the collaboration I have experienced along with the endless opportunities to care for high-acuity patients in a supportive environment made the choice to stay an easy one.

Q: What advice would you give to someone interested in applying for our residency program?

A: This is a family-oriented program with a devotion to the well-being and care of its residents and staff. Everyone is incredibly friendly and happy to help in any way possible. If interested in applying, please do not hesitate to reach out to our program director or coordinator. They can put you in contact with our residents to answer any questions you might have.

Q: What is one highlight of your time in the residency program so far?

A: I think every day is a highlight. There are constantly new challenges, questions, and growing responsibilities to face.  At the University of Florida, you get to be part of a team and work with a group of top experts and amazing residents all dedicated to providing the best medicine. These factors along with the direct impact made on patient’s health make my days very stimulating with something new to constantly be discovered and carried forward.

Q: What challenges or opportunities has COVID-19 presented for you as a resident?

A: I was very surprised by how quickly and effectively members of the UF Health community came together to find the best balance between keeping hospital staff safe while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of patient care. This required adaptability and collaboration as members of our community had to take on new roles. For instance, as soon as COVID-19 hit our community, the Department of Anesthesiology worked together to manufacture mass quantities of alternative masks in the face of personal protective equipment shortages to continue keeping our providers and patients safe. It was inspirational to witness and made me very proud to be part of this community.

Q: What are some of your future goals?

A: I hope to continue being part of academic medicine where I will have the opportunity to teach, mentor, and advance the field alongside innovative leaders. Although I am not certain which field of anesthesiology I will specialize in yet, I have always had an interest in pediatrics and am very excited to explore the field in the coming year. In any case, the future of medicine motivates me and I am looking forward to being a part of it.

Doctor Esfandiary at work