Dr. Berkow Has New Topic Published in UpToDate®

Dr. Lauren Berkow

Lauren Berkow, MD, is the author of a new topic, “Complications of airway management in adults,” published in the database UpToDate® in July.

The topic discusses potential complications during or immediately after endotracheal intubation, use of a supraglottic airway, or mask ventilation, as well as potential indirect hemodynamic and physiologic complications. The topic concludes with a series of recommendations.

Dr. Berkow, Professor of Anesthesiology and President of the Society for Airway Management, is the author of two other UpToDate® topics on airway: “Airway management for induction of general anesthesia” and “Rapid sequence induction and intubation (RSII) for anesthesia.

UpToDate®, which is published by Wolters Kluwer, is a widely used medical resource for clinicians in which more than 7,100 physician authors, editors, and reviewers have synthetized information via a stringent peer-review editorial process. Topics cover 25 specialties.