UF Health CRNAs can receive continuing education credits through Friday morning CME lectures

C-R-N-A working with a physician

As of July 10, UF Health CRNAs are now eligible to receive continuing education credits (CEUs) by attending Friday morning CME lectures, providing a convenient and flexible option to obtain required credits.

Among other requirements, CRNAs need 100 CEUs every 4 years to maintain certification. They can obtain these credits in various ways, including conferences, continuing education subscriptions, or continuing education courses.

Now, the department has sponsored the application fee to obtain prior approval for yearlong Friday morning conferences from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), making the process free for UF Health CRNAs.

“It will cost the department a yearly fee and all of the CRNAs can take part,” said Francesca Massey, Chief CRNA.

CRNAs will be able to receive 37 CEUs per year through the morning conferences, which provides flexibility in which to attend.

“There are enough in a year so that over 4 years, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to get our 100 CEUs,” Massey said. “You can log in from wherever you are and watch the conference.”

After the lectures, which are typically delivered by faculty or guest presenters, CRNAs must complete an evaluation form available on our Anesthesiology Bridge site to receive credit.

Massey worked with Administrative Specialist Karen Horowitz to gain approval from the AANA, which evaluated whether the conferences and evaluation form met its standards to award credit.

Massey said the option has been well-received by CRNAs so far and noted that the opportunity is another benefit of working in an academic medical institution that can offer such an option because it holds lectures as part of its educational and research mission. “It’s one more benefit to make the lives of our CRNAs a little easier,” she said.

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