Joni Brown, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, re-joins Pain Medicine Division

Please join us in welcoming Joni Brown, APRN-C, back to our department as she re-joins our Pain Medicine Division in the Springhill pain clinic. Joni holds a dual Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Master of Science in Nursing as a family practice Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner from the University of Florida College of Nursing. She also obtained a post-master’s degree Acute Care certificate from the UF College of Nursing.

Joni has a long history at UF Health and a foundation in caring for patients with chronic pain.

She began her career as an operating room nurse at UF Health and worked in what was then called the Chronic Pain Interventional Clinic. She worked at that time with longtime Associate Professor Jerry Berger, MD.

“I saw an incredible transformation in the patients coming in with pain, getting their intervention performed, and the relief they were able to attain, so remained partial to treating chronic pain ever since,” she said.

She remained with the Department of Anesthesiology as a Critical Care Medicine Hospitalist after obtaining her APRN, working with longtime former Professor Jim Gallagher, MD. She remains certified in Acute Care Medicine but gravitated back to chronic pain medicine.

She has also worked in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychiatry in Chronic Pain and Addiction Medicine.

In her free time, Joni enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and poodles, gardening, reading, and visiting the beach.