2020-2021 Chief Residents Selected

The Anesthesiology Education Office and the Department of Anesthesiology Leadership are pleased to announce the selection of our three new chief residents. Dan Heath, DO, Jayme Looper MD, and Shauna Wrazidlo, DO, will serve from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021.

To be selected, anesthesiology residents in their third year must demonstrate leadership ability, good academic standing, willingness to put personal interests aside for the good of the program, and be models of the best standards of professionalism. They must prove themselves to be organized, dependable, a good team player, a proven communicator, willing to make and implement tough and/or potentially unpopular decisions, as well as demonstrate a willingness to “own” the responsibility and honor of being a Chief Resident. They are voted on by their fellow residents and faculty and the top three are selected as chiefs.

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Heath, Looper, and Wrazidlo as our new chief residents!

We would also like to say a hearty thank you for the superb work done by our three outgoing chief residents for the past year, Drs.Jordan Brewer, Katie Dietrich, and Richa Sutaria! These three physicians have done an outstanding job over the past year.

Dan Heath, Jayme Looper, and Shauna Wrazidlo