Intern Education Month 2020

Many thanks to all who contributed to 2020’s Intern Education Month!

Friday, February 7, 2020, was the last day of our Intern Education Month rotation and we’re happy to report that this year was another great success! Our interns took part in nineteen simulations, seventeen classroom sessions, eight shadow sessions including four days shadowing in the operating room and other services such as the VA and the pain clinic, and one wellness retreat.

More than fifty members of our anesthesiology staff, faculty, fellows, residents, and techs worked hard to make the month a huge success.

In no particular order, we want to extend our gratitude to the following people:

  • The simulation lab staff – Mary Patterson, Tom LeMaster, and Shawn Murphy for coordinating and scheduling our simulator sessions and a special thank you to Tony DeStephens for also co-instructing and participating in all of our simulations throughout the rotation
  • Drs. Lampotang, Gunst, Dave, and Luria for teaching our Machine Check simulations
  • Dr. Chris Goldstein for teaching our What is Anesthesia? Modern Concepts of Anesthetic Mgmt/ Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring: BIS and Beyond session
  • Dr. Hegland for teaching our Study Habits lecture, EKG 101 lecture as well as coordinating our IV and Anesthesia Tech shadowing at the VA
  • Dr. Awoniyi for facilitating and coordinating our VA Faculty participation
  • Dr. Mohamed for teaching our Preop 101 lecture
  • Drs. Dooley and Sangari for teaching our Pediatrics simulation
  • Drs. McGough, Deshmukh, and Franklin for teaching our TEE simulation
  • Drs. Lopez and Wendling for teaching our Obstetrics simulation session
  • Dr. Mora for teaching our pain simulation
  • Mary Edwards for teaching our Library Resources session
  • Dr. Peggy White for teaching our Critical Care Medicine simulation session
  • Dr. Vasilopoulos for teaching our Critically Reviewing Articles lecture
  • Jenna Taylor and her team for hosting our Point of Care training session
  • Drs. Rabai and Algarra for teaching our Neuroanesthesia simulation
  • Dr. Davies for teaching our Quality and Safety in the operating room lecture
  • Dr. Spiess for teaching our Research session
  • Dr. Algarra and Stephanie Gore for teaching our Quality Review lecture
  • Drs. Holroyd, Gunst, and Hutchinson for teaching our Intro to Anesthesia lecture series
  • Dr. Brewer for teaching our Study Plans 101 and Advanced Study Plans lecture series
  • Dr. Feldheim for teaching our Gowning and Gloving session
  • Dr. Gunst for teaching our CVL simulation
  • Dr. Ihnatsenka for teaching our Regional simulation
  • Dr. Smith for teaching our Regional simulation and our Ultrasound session
  • Dr. Berkow for teaching our Airway simulation
  • Drs. Mohamed, Feldheim, and Wrazidlo and the Wellness Committee for hosting our Resident Wellness lecture
  • Martin Wise and his team for teaching our Mechanical Ventilation session
  • Reza Choudhury and his team for facilitating and coordinating our Anesthesia Tech shadowing
  • Dr. Cometa for facilitating our PACU shadowing
  • The Acute Pain Medicine Division facilitating our acute pain medicine shadowing
  • The Anesthetist of the Day (AOD) faculty for facilitating our AOD shadowing
  • The Preoperative clinic staff for facilitating our preoperative shadowing
  • Scott Sumner for teaching our Communication and Team Effectiveness workshop
  • Katye Avery for facilitating faculty scheduling
  • The numerous residents and faculty members who taught our interns during their operating room shadowing days
  • The Education Office staff for their daily support and coordination of Intern Education Month events

All of these individuals helped to make this rotation successful and deserve to be recognized for giving their time, effort, and expertise to this project.

View photos of the Lake Wauburg wellness retreat on our Facebook page.