PeCAN Works with Trualta on New Study

“The University of Florida has partnered with Trualta, a Canadian company that develops educational programs to support family caregivers, to evaluate the program’s impact on caregiver confidence and wellness, as well as health outcomes.

The new UF-Trualta study will follow caregivers of a person with dementia or mild cognitive impairment who is having surgery, to determine if the program can reduce caregiver burden and improve patient care. Potential participants will be identified through the Perioperative Cognitive and Anesthesia Network program, or PeCAN, a clinical service at UF Health Shands Hospital that works to improve brain health for presurgical patients at risk of cognitive problems.

‘In our practice, we frequently see caregivers who are burdened,’ Catherine Price, PhD, said. ‘Caring for someone who is having cognitive issues and going through a surgical procedure can be very stressful. As clinicians, we want to be able to offer resources to support caregivers and help them feel more empowered.’”

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