Respresenting UF at FSA 2019

Members of the Department of Anesthesiology contributed half of the total number of posters of distinction at the Florida Society of Anesthesiologists’ annual meeting held June 14–16 at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.

UF sent 30 posters to the conference, of which five were posters of distinction.

Jonathan Wakim of the Center for Safety, Simulation & Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT) tied for third place with his poster of distinction “A Low Cost Task Trainer for Open Chest Cardiac Massage Training.” William Sutton, Anthony DeStephens, MSME, Thomas Beaver, MD, George Arnatoukis, MD, and Sean Kiley, MD were co-authors of the poster.

Dr. Spiess presenting at FSA

Bruce D. Spiess, MD, FAHA, led a panel on blood management and blood substitutes. Linda Le-Wendling, MD, and Cam Smith, MD, PhD, co-led a panel on acute pain and regional anesthesia with Suvikram Puri, MD, from Tampa General Hospital. Ajay Antony, MD, co-led a panel on chronic pain and interventional pain with Nicholas Koehler, MD, of Tampa General Hospital, and Michael Hanes, MD, of Jax Spine and Pain Centers.

Congratulations to all of the residents and fellows, faculty, students, and staff who contributed their work to this prestigious event!

Next year’s FSA Annual Meeting will be held June 12–14 at The Breakers.

Posters from UF

  1. “Neuraxial Techniques in the Setting of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia and Fondaparinux”

James R. Brown, DO

  1. “Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy in Pregnancy”

Tyler Haskell, DO

  1. “Status Asthmaticus — When ECMO Fails”

Joseph E. LaGrew II, MD

  1. “Pulmonary Sarcoidosis and Mortality: A Case Report and Review of Strategies to Reduce Postoperative Pulmonary Complications”

Lucas Bannister, MD

  1. “The Use of Pterygopalatine Ganglion Block for Positional Headache and Nausea Secondary to Iatrogenic CSF Leak”

Sindhuja R. Nimma, MD

  1. “Treatment of Life-Threatening Pulmonary Embolism: The Anesthesiologist’s Perspective”

Ferenc Rabai, MD

  1. “Case Report: Ketamine Toxidrome in Neurological ICU Patient”

Miles Murri, DO

  1. Management of an End-Stage Renal Disease Patient with Multiple Accounts of Losartan-Induced Vasoplegic Syndrome. Is there a better approach?: A Case Report

Taylor Brown, MD

  1. Patient-Centered Care: How to Prepare the Patient for Difficult Intubation: A Case Report

Taylor Brown, MD

  1. “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Opioid Prescriptions in Pediatrics”

Joseph E. LaGrew II, MD

  1. “Algorithm for Difficult Epidural Placement”

Vadim Katsenovich, DO

  1. “Von Willebrand Disease and Brachioradial Pruritis Neuraxial Intervention Considerations”

Holden L. Brown, MD, MBA

  1. “A Case of Granulomatous Amoebic Encephalitis From Balamuthia Mandrillaris in a Critical Care Patient”

Lisa Gu, MD

  1. “Effects of Cardiac Auscultation Through Clothing in Aortic Stenosis Patients and Correlation With Echocardiography”

Delaney LaGrew, MS

  1. “Don’t Speak, I Know Just What You’re Thinking: A Literature Review of the Response To Laryngospasm in Pediatric and Adult Patients”

Adam L. Chadwick, MD

  1. “Predictive Risk Modeling for Cervicogenic Headache Following Cervical Radiofrequency Neurotomy”

Mollie K. Mansfield, BS

  1. “Beyond Multimodal Medication: Case Report of Spinal Cord Stimulator Placed for Neuropathic Abdominal Pain Originating from a Tumor Invading the Celiac Plexus”

Jeffrey R. Pence, DO

  1. Spinal Cord Stimulation Not an Option? How About Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation?

Adejuyigbe O. Adaralegbe, MD

  1. “Supraglottic Airway Pilot Balloon as a Cause of Airway Obstruction Leading to Hypoxemia and Hypercarbia”

Joel P. Goodman, DO

  1. “To Air Is Human: A Case Report of Minimally Invasive Surgery With Maximum Complications”

Jason Howard, DO

  1. “Using Modular Principles to Efficiently Design and Build New Simulators for Different Healthcare Procedures”

Samsun “Sem” Lampotang, PhD

  1. “Evaluating Various Syringing Techniques for Manual Injection of Fluid Bolus Through High Flow Resistance Tubing”

Monica Bursian

  1. “Joined Together or Is Separate Better? An Analysis of an Uncommon Approach to the Anesthetic Management of Conjoined Twin Separation”

Rhae Battles, MD

  1. “Assessing the Possible Impact of a One-Week Preceptorship on the Perceptions and Attitudes of Medical Students Toward Anesthesiology”

Tyler D. Craig, MD

  1. “When to Reverse: Case Report of Chronic GBS and the Use of Sugammadex for Reversal After No Post-Tetanic Twitches”

Brandon Duffin, DO

UF’s Posters of Distinction

  1. “Cricothyrotomy for Postoperative Angioedema”

Alex N. Knight, DO

  1. “Needle Tip Recoil Following Needle Advance: A Possible Mechanism for False Loss of Resistance?”

Michael Cometa, MD

  1. “Inexpensively Modernizing Doppler Technology for Venous Gas Embolism Detection”

Anthony DeStephens, MSME

  1. “Impact of Oral Carbohydrate Beverages on Well-Being Prior to Cesarean Section”

Adam Wendling, MD

  1. “A Low Cost Task Trainer for Open Chest Cardiac Massage Training”

Jonathan Wakim