Residents Attend 2019 Basic Skills Boot Camp

In preparation for moving from their intern year to their first clinical anesthesia year, our first-year residents completed a Basic Skills Boot Camp in the first week of June. Over three days, residents were instructed in topics such as anesthesiology measures and checks, emergency medicine, airway management intubation and extubation, procedural practice, and quality and safety.

See photos from the sessions on our Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s curriculum:

  • Tony DeStephens for coordinating and scheduling our simulator sessions in the HMEB sim lab
  • Dr. Tammy Euliano for teaching Rapid Sequence Induction and Extubation and Emergence
  • Dr. Derek Covington for teaching Machine Errors
  • Dr. Tim Martin for teaching Pediatrics
  • Dr. Yury Zasimovich for teaching Regional Anesthesia
  • Dr. Adam Wendling for teaching Medical Errors
  • Drs. Dave Corda and Jon Rost for teaching the IV Fluid and Line Prep/Transfusion Protocol/Belmont Rapid Infusor/Insertion and Maintenance of CVLs workshop
  • Dr. Jack Hagan for teaching Perioperative Emergencies
  • Dr. Basma Mohamed for teaching Preop 101
  • Drs. Josh Sappenfield and Ana Oviedo for teaching Machine Check
  • Dr. Ferenc Rabai for teaching Sedation-Anesthesia Continuum
  • Dr. Amanda Frantz for teaching Crash Cart
  • Dr. Barys Ihnatsenka for teaching Hyper-Hypotension
  • Drs. Lauren Berkow and Jon Rost for teaching the Airway Gadgets and ETT Placement and the Cricothyrotomy Lab
  • Stephanie Gore for teaching Quality and Safety
  • Our Chief Residents and Shauna Wrazidlo for their sessions on OR responsibilities and the paired period
  • Maryam Aminzadeh and Francesca Massey for their CRNA and AA welcome
  • Katye Avery for facilitating faculty scheduling
  • The Education Office staff for their daily support and coordination of IEM events
Dr. Sappenfield instructing residents
Residents learning airway management
Dr. Berkow teaching residents