Penny Reynolds, PhD, Presents at Imperial College, London

Published: April 1st, 2019

Category: News

In March, Assistant Professor Dr. Penny Reynolds was invited to speak to the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, in London.

Dr. Reynolds spoke on the topic “Divided by a common language: Rebooting statistical basics for biomedical research”. Poor methodological quality of much biomedical research represents a huge financial and ethical liability, and jeopardizes patient welfare by misidentifying ineffective or harmful treatments.

Dr Reynolds presented data showing that investigators persist in using statistical methods and tools that are grossly outdated or not in accordance with best practice and that there is profound and widespread misunderstanding and misapplication of even the most basic statistical methods. She showed results from her research using computer simulations to determine consequences of such poor practice for statistical error estimation and inference. The talk concluded with practical recommendations for improving outreach strategies and reforming current practice.