Match 2019: 4 UF Seniors Join Us for Their Residency

On Friday, March 15, 2019, 121 members of the UF College of Medicine Class of 2019 matched into residency programs across the nation at the annual Match Day ceremony. Out of the 121 matched students, 29 percent will remain in Florida, 19 percent will remain at the UF College of Medicine in Gainesville, and 1.7 percent will study at UF Health in Jacksonville.

UF Seniors joining us for their residency

We are very proud of all 8 UF seniors who are going into our specialty. 4 of those 8 eight will be staying here to study with us: Lida Esfandiary, Christopher Massengill, Jesse Revenis, Talles Sidronio. In July, we will welcome 20 new first-year residents and 3 second-year residents.

Congratulations to all!