Department Has Winning Poster at AAPM Meeting

The Division of Acute and Perioperative Pain Medicine presented eight research posters at the American Academy of Pain Medicine’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

“A comprehensive protocol for post-operative pain control in elective total joint arthroplasty drastically reduces opioid prescriptions: A review of prescribing practices and outcomes.” won best poster of the meeting out of over 600 entries. This poster was authored by our own André Boezaart, MD, PhD, and Yury Zasimovich, MD, in conjunction with Chancellor Gray, MD, Justin Deen, MD, and Hari Parvataneni, MD from UF’s Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation.

Other posters presented by our department were:

  • “Microanatomical Nerve Architecture of 6 Mammalian Species:  Is Trans-species Translational Anatomic Extrapolation Valid?” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Danielle Cobb, MD, Linda Le-Wendling, MD
  • “The Use of Pterygopalatine Ganglion Block for Persistent Severe Positional Headache and Nausea Secondary to CSF Leak.” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Brendon  Beck, MD, Cameron R. Smith, MD, PhD
  • “A Novel Marker of Studying Peripheral Nerves” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Yury Zasimovich, MD, Brendon  Beck, MD
  • “Use of Continuous Femoral Nerve Blocks in the Development of an Outpatient Total Joint Arthroplasty (TJA) Program” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Yury Zasimovich, MD, Linda Le-Wendling, MD
  • “Patient-centered, multi-disciplinary collaboration can dramatically improve joint replacement quality metrics and value-based care.” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Cameron R. Smith, MD, PhD, Sowmya Kantamneni, MD
  • “The Posterior Lumbar Epidural Space: Three-Dimensional MRI Reconstruction of Real and Potential Epidural Spaces and its Content in Vivo” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Kiki Nin, MD
  • “Deliberate Intraneural Injections: Extrafascicular and Intraperineurium, but no Endoneural Spread” – André Boezaart, MD, PhD, Kiki Nin, MD, Erik Helander, MD

Congratulations to all!

Department group at AAPM meeting
Drs. Boezaart and Cobb at the AAPM meeting
Dr. Boezaart at the AAPM meeting
Drs. Boezaart and Smith at the AAPM meeting
Drs. Nin and Boezaart at the AAPM meeting