Residents & Faculty Recognized at 2018 Graduation

The 2018 Department of Anesthesiology graduation was held on Saturday, June 23rd.

Congratulations to the 22 residents and 19 fellows who completed their training this year! On top of honoring the graduates, awards were handed out to exceptional residents and faculty.

Chairs Awards

These awards were selected by Timothy Morey, MD, for outstanding service to the department.

Best Faculty Member

Olga “Kiki” Nin, MD

Chair’s Quality Award

Laurie Davies, MD

Chair’s Research Award

Anatoly Martynyuk, PhD

Unsung Hero

Amanda Frantz, MD


Chair’s Anesthetist Award

Will Hooghius, CAA

Dr. Enneking with Chair's award winners Drs. Martynyuk, Nin and Davies

Outstanding Resident Awards

Selected by departmental faculty.

Outstanding Senior Resident

Danielle Cobb, MD

Outstanding Junior Resident

Kevin Olsen, MD


Residents’ Awards

Selected by fellow residents.

Michael E. Mahla Exceptional Resident of the Year

Danielle Cobb, MD

Distinguished Team Player

Mohamed Osman, MD


Danielle Cobb, MD, and Mohamed Osman, MD, with their awards

Anesthetists’ Choice Resident of the Year

Mark Hotchkiss, DO

Teaching Awards

Selected by the senior residents.

T.W. Andersen Teacher of the Year

Chris Goldstein, MD

Haven M. Perkins Lifetime Teaching Award

Christoph Seubert, MD, PhD, DABNM


Drs. Goldstein and Seubert with their awards

Division Awards

Outstanding resident selected by division faculty and clinical staff.

Acute Pain Medicine

Brendan Inouye, MD, & Richa Sutaria, MD

Ambulatory Anesthesiology

Brendan Inouye, MD

Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology

Samantha Arzillo, MD

Critical Care Medicine

Mark Hotchkiss, DO

Liver & Transplant Anesthesiology

Carolyn Witman, MD

Multidisciplinary Pain Medicine

Dalya Elhady, MD

Multispecialty Anesthesiology

Lee Bannister, MD


Dalya Elhady, MD

Obstetric Anesthesiology

Brendan Inouye, MD

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Joseph LaGrew, MD

Perioperative Anestehsiology

Richa Sutaria, MD, & Matthew Gunst, MD

Transition to Practice

Mark Hotchkiss, DO


VA Resident

Carl Berasi, MD

Congratulations to all of our graduates! Check out our full graduation album on Facebook.

Resident Class of 2018