Case Report Published in A&A Journal

Published: January 10th, 2018

Category: News

A&A Practice published “Should Percussion Pacing Have a Role in Perioperative Advanced Cardiac Life Support?: A Case Report” authored by Chris Giordano, MD, Ilan Keidan, MD, and Jordan Miller, MD.

A&A Practice is a journal for clinicians worldwide that supports the educational missions of the International Anesthesia Research Society and Anesthesia & Analgesia by publishing short yet informative, peer-reviewed articles that describe the unique perioperative or chronic pain-related clinical care of one to three patients; an important teaching point or novel educational tool; or an innovative solution to a perioperative services, patient safety, or global health management issue.​

Read the abstract below and click here to view the full case report. Congratulations on your publication, doctors!

Percussion pacing involves using one’s fist to repeatedly strike a patient’s left sternal border in a rhythmic manner. The resulting increase in ventricular pressure can trigger myocardial depolarization and subsequent contraction. We describe the successful treatment of acute preoperative symptomatic sinus bradycardia with percussion pacing in a 63-year-old patient scheduled for placement of a gastric feeding tube after trauma involving spinal cord injury. Although no longer included in current advanced cardiovascular life support guidelines, percussion pacing may be a suitable alternative to chest compressions in multitrauma cases where the force of compressions could cause further complications.