Visiting Professor Charles Chalfant, PhD

Published: January 4th, 2018

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We are honored to present Charles Chalfant, PhD, as the T.W. Anderson/H.M. Perkins Visiting Professor.

On Monday, January 8, Dr. Chalfant will present a morning conference at 6:30AM and a journal club at 5:30PM.

The New Year has begun and we begin our visiting professorship series for 2018 with a high note. Charles Chalfant, PhD, will visit Monday, January 8th, to challenge us all on a very basic science level — lipidomics. Lipids are key molecules in life, yet they are poorly understood by most anesthesiologists. We use lipid emulsions more and more for our pharmacology, and certainly general anesthetics have some relationship to lipid solubility.


As Associate Chair for research I see great value in bringing us collectively to the horizons of cutting-edge science. Charles will show us how lipid signaling may well determine survival in such disease states as sepsis, pre-eclampsia, and others. He now resides in UF’s backyard in Tampa, FL, meaning that I would like to foster some creative projects between our department and his “best-in-the-world” lipid laboratory.


Please come participate in the Grand Rounds and the Journal Club on Monday. It is time to integrate cutting edge basic science into our leading clinical research.


Bruce D. Spiess, MD, FAHA
Professor and Associate Chair for Research
Department of Anesthesiology

Charles Chalfant, PhD
Charles Chalfant, PhD
Professor & Vice Chair
Endowed Chair of Cancer Cell Signaling and Director of Lipidomics Facility
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Virginia Commonwealth University

Grand Rounds Lecture

Title: Lipidomics in Translational Research: A focus on pre-eclampsia and emergency medicine
Date: Monday, January 8
Time: 6:30AM
Location: Shands NT 2147

Journal Club

Title: Lipidomics in Medicine and Disease States
Date: Monday, January 8
Time: 5:30PM
Location: Shands NT 2147


Please RSVP to the journal club by noon, January 5.