UF Health Surgeon & Anesthesiologists Perform Laparoscopic Surgery on Awake Patient

Anesthesiologists Kayser Enneking, MD, and Stephen Vose, MD, worked with Nash Moawad, MD, a UF Health minimally-invasive gynecologic surgeon, to perform a full laparoscopic hysterectomy under regional epidural.

This procedure is normally performed through an abdominal incision with the patient under general anesthesia. The patient, Martina Sumner, wished to minimize her recovery time and requested the laparoscopic or robotic technique be used. She also wished to avoid general anesthesia or twilight sedation.

“We respected Martina’s wishes to not go under general anesthesia and figured out a way to make this happen safely. You don’t find that everywhere,” Moawad said.


“A main part of our success was that we had a good plan in place,” said Enneking.

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