New Representatives Appointed for the Housestaff Quality & Patient Safety Committee

Congratulations to Pavel Balduyeu, MD as the new CA3 representative and Christopher Maxwell as the new CA2 representative for the Housestaff Quality and Patient Safety Committee for 2017-2018.

Pavel Balduyeu, MD and Christopher Maxwell, MD

The Housestaff Quality & Patient Safety Committee’s primary goal is to involve our housestaff in institutional quality and safety improvement initiatives. The idea behind the committee is that housestaff provide a majority of patient care in the hospital so their involvement in quality and safety initiatives is paramount to providing excellent patient care. Our committee consists of resident physicians from each of the major medical and surgical specialties elected by their peers to represent their group.

Dr. Balduyeu and Dr. Maxwell will be attending these monthly meetings and sharing institutional wide goals in improvement in patient safety and quality with the anesthesiology department. They will also be attending the APIC (anesthesia process improvement committee) monthly meetings and will be involved in the process of helping residents find quality improvement projects.