CSSALT Receives Over $1.75 Million For 5 Year Grant

The Center for Safety & Advanced Learning Technologies (CSSALT) and Dr. Samsun Lampotang have been working on a project funded by the Department of Defense United States Army Medical Research and Material Command entitled A Modular Set of Mixed Reality Simulators for “Blind” and Guided Procedures. Phase I was a 3-year grant of almost $750,000. This phase will be officially completed at the end of July, 2017.

CSSALT made excellent progress in Phase I with the creation of the Regional Anesthesia (RA) and Central Venous Access (CVA) simulators and the submission of a peer-reviewed paper “Visualization Improves Supraclavicular Access to the Subclavian Vein in a Mixed Reality Simulator”.  This also led to the development of junior faculty, including Dr. Sappenfield and Dr. Smith.

Based on these deliverables and accomplishments during Phase I, along with the team’s reports, conferences and workshops worldwide with the simulator devices, the Department of Defense decided to fund the Phase II option on the grant. This will carry the project on for another two years with additional funding for Phase II of $1,000,000. This phase will begin in August, 2017.

The following video demonstrates the features of CSSALT’s mixed reality simulator of central venous access for central line placement.


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