New Anatomy and Pain Medicine Textbook!

Published: June 2nd, 2016

Category: News

If anyone had problems buying or downloading the e-book or buying the print version, we would like to announce the re-launch of André Boezaart’s new anatomy for pain medicine textbook, which is sure to become a classic:


The Anatomical Foundations of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine:  Macroanatomy, Microanatomy, Sonoanatomy, and Functional Anatomy

The text features chapters by many of the department’s own, including Donald S. Bohannon, MD, Barys V. Ihnatsenka, MD, Linda Le-Wendling, MD, Anastacia P. Munro, MD, and Yury Zasimovich, MD.


It can be ordered online (and in print) by clicking on this link!


In addition, the department will be purchasing a print copy and donating it to the Health Science Center Library for free use at any time by any one.


We would like to offer congratulations to André and all the other authors on such an outstanding effort and wonderful contribution to the discipline of anesthesia!