Alumna Stephanie Hollis, MD, Named COO of Solar Stik

Stephanie Hollis, MD, was named Chief Operating Officer of Solar Stik™, Inc, one of UF’s Top 100 fastest growing companies in the Gator 100.

The Gator100 is sponsored by UF Warrington College of Business Administration and the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI), which recognize and celebrate the achievements of leading UF alumni entrepreneurs around the world. The Gator100 ranks the 100 fastest growing, Gator-owned or Gator-led businesses each year to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit in all Gator alumni.

Solar Stik™, Inc. was ranked 73 with a 32.23% growth rate since 2006. The company relies on using American-made components and are constantly innovating; they believe in reviving American manufacturing as well. The Solar Stik™ is a hybrid power system; in the center of the system is a battery bank. Inside the battery bank is a smart technology product that interacts with the generator, diesel, and solar power that uses the power only when it is needed. This portable power solution enables self-sufficiency for soldiers. Because of this smart technology, large amounts of gas can be saved and it is very effective for the Army who utilizes these devices in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dr. Hollis has donated quite a few systems and equipment to clinics in Africa and Sudan that provide power for basic care and refrigerators to keep medicine and other portable devices powered. Her expertise as a doctor has been exercised in the development of the Solar Stik™ System, with her vision for employment of the system in the humanitarian field.