Felipe Urdaneta, MD

Felipe Urdaneta, MD Professor of Anesthesiology
Program Director, College of Medicine’s Master Educator Fellowship Program

Contact Information

University of Florida
College of Medicine
Department of Anesthesiology
1600 SW Archer Road
PO Box 100254
Gainesville, Florida 32610-0254

Office Phone

(352) 374-6051



Administrative Assistant

Colleen Kearney
Phone: (352) 273-8954

Dr. Urdaneta is a graduate of Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario in Bogota, Colombia for medical school. He interned at Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogata and fellowshipped at Hepatobiliary Disease Institute. He then joined the “Gator Nation” to complete his residency and his masters in Medical Education. After completing his training in Anesthesia and subsequent Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship he has been an academic anesthesiologists, both at Shands and the Gainesville VA Medical center. Although he works with both patients and residents; he spends the majority of his time in the Cardio-thoracic arena primarily with adult patients and some Pediatric cardiac cases. His emphasis is dealing with perioperative echocardiography.

In 2006 he was hired to open up the Perioperative Echocardiography service at North Florida Regional Medical Center here in Gainesville andhe left academics for private practice. Working there helped him realize his passion to teach and how he wants to spend the rest of his professional career in education and teaching about difficult airway management.

Since 2007, Dr. Urdaneta has been at the VA and in charge of the UF Airway Rotation. He is the Chair of the Local VA Out of the Operating Room Airway Management (OOORAM) initiative and deasl with both simulation and hands-on OR training of Non-Anesthesia providers in airway management and  he has trained over 200 VA employees in this area.

Dr. Urdaneta is the co-founder of the Board of the Gainesville VA Simulation Center. He is also a member of the Department of Anesthesiology Didactics Committee and the Anesthesiology Admissions Committee. In the VA, he is the representative of the Emergency Effectiveness Committee and he’s in charge of CRNA recruitment.



2004 M.S. Medical Education University of Florida  Gainesville, FL
1999 Fellowship, Cardiothoracic Anesthesia University of Florida College of Medicine Gainesville, FL
1998 Residency, Anesthesiology University of Florida College of Medicine Gainesville, FL
1995 Internship, Internal Medicine University Medical Center Jacksonville, FL
1992 Fellowship Bogota, Colombia Bogota, Colombia
1991 Internship Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota Bogota, Colombia
1990 MD Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario Bogota, Colombia

Clinical/Research Interests

Difficult airway, cardiothoracic anesthesia, TEE,  and Perioperative Transesophageal echocardiography


Awards and Honors

2014 Masters In Medical Education was just ranked #9 in the Top #25 degrees in the country (The 25 Best Online Master in Educational Technology Degree Programs http://www.thebestschools.org/rankings/25-best-online-master-educational -technology-degree-programs/
2011 Acting Chief, Anesthesiology Services, VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL
2004-2014 America’s Top Physicians, Consumers’ Research Council of America
2004 Nominated for Best in Section, Willert J, Naik B, Kirby DK, Lobato EB, Urdaneta F: Effects of sildenafil analog, UK 343-664, versus milrinone on a porcine model of acute pulmonary hypertension, abstracted, International Anesthesia Research Society
2003 Special Contribution Award, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville
2000 Best of Meeting Abstract for Janelle GM, Urdaneta F, Blas ML, Shryock J, Martin TD, Lobato EB: Preischemic inhibition of phosphodiesterase type III (PDEIII) preserves cAMP and may improve myocardial protection during cardiopulmonary bypass, International Anesthesia Research Society
2000 University of Florida College of Medicine, Teacher of the Year Award


Selected Publications

  • Caruso, L. and F. Urdaneta (2014). “Adequate confirmation of recovery from neuromuscular blockade: what are the obstacles?” Can J Anaesth 61(1): 82.
  • Urdaneta F: Endotracheal intubation not always easy (letter-Author Reply). Anesthesiology 116(4): 969, April 2012.
  • Urdaneta, F., J. D. Muehlschlege, L. S. Chawla, J. M. Palacios and G. M. Janelle (2012). “Roundtable discussion: status asthmaticus in a patient with an anterior mediastinal mass.” Semin Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 16(4): 243-249
  • Ellis N, Goldstein JC, Urdaneta F: Recurrent endotracheal tube leak: ask and take a look. Can J Anesth 2011 Feb 2 E-pub ahead of print, 58(5): 478-479, May 2011.
  • Urdaneta F: Pandemics, vaccines, warp speed and progress (letter). ASA Newsletter 74(1):49-50, 2010.
  • Urdaneta F, Lobato EB, Kirby DS, Sidi A: Treating myocardial stunning randomly, with either propofol or isoflurane following transient coronary occlusion and reperfusion in pigs. Ann Card Anaesth 12(2):113-121, 2009.
  • Urdaneta F: Anesthesiologists should not have to shoulder the burden alone, letter. APSF Newsletter 24(3):1 page. http://www.apsf.org/resource_center/newsletter/2009/fall/04_burden.htm
  • Urdaneta F: Success or failure? Let us line up the ducks. Anaesthesia 64: 2009.
  • http://www.respond2articles.com/ANA/forums/thread/334.aspx
  • Urdaneta F: Letter to the editor: Is chlorhexidine prep appropriate for peridural anesthesia? APSF Newsletter, Fall 2008, p 38.
  • Lobato EB, Muehlschlegel JD, Kirby DS, Urdaneta F, Sidi A: Administration of milrinone prior to ischaemia, in the presence of beta blockade, to treat metabolic impairment and myocardial stunning in pigs. Acta Anaesth Scand 52:397-405, 2008.

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