Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Berkow!

Published: February 16th, 2017

Category: News

Dr. Berkow’s book “Cases in Emergency Airway Management,” was given an outstanding review in this month’s Anesthesia & Analgesia by her peers.

Says the reviewers, “Airway management is an indispensable core clinical skill for physicians working in the emergency department or intensive care unit with critically ill or injured patients. The first edition of Cases in Emergency Airway Management1 is a guide to emergency airway management that aims to confer the knowledge necessary to mitigate the challenges posed by critical situations to providers of airway management. Jointly edited by an anesthesiologist and an emergency medicine physician who together are widely published on emergency airway management, the book includes a multidisciplinary assortment of 46 contributors aiming to “help prepare airway managers for emergency situations.”

Cases in Emergency Airway Management is a compact yet comprehensive reference for multidisciplinary airway management providers that highlights special considerations associated with a variety of clinical scenarios and presents pragmatic approaches to the most pertinent topics related to emergency airway management. The book includes many proposed airway management algorithms that, although not yet recognized officially, should prove to be helpful in clinical practice.

When you have a chance take a moment to read the full review and congratulate Dr. Berkow on her success.