Congratulations UF Pain Medicine!

Published: November 14th, 2016

Category: News

A new procedure to treat chronic pain was approved by the FDA this year and was first performed in north/central Florida here at UF Health. Dorsal Root Ganglion or DRG stimulation is a procedure that, with the help of an x-ray, allows the physician to insert leads over the DRG target-specific regions in the lower body to modulate pain signal transmission. This type of surgery improves functionality, decreases the need for prescription drugs, and allows some patients to have a drug-free and less painful quality of life.
The Pain Medicine Division in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida is a leader in performing this new therapy. Dr. Ajay Antony performed the first procedure of this kind at UF Health on October 31, 2016. He is one of less than 400 physicians in the country who have been trained in DRG stimulation. He and the other UF Pain Medicine faculty will perform many more in the future. The procedure leaves a small scar – but the phenomenal results for the patient are more than worth it. We are proud to be one of the few institutions in the country offering this groundbreaking therapy.