Decision-Making, Motivation, and Leadership Course a Success!

Published: July 29th, 2016

Category: News

Each year a group of residents spend hours of their own time reading literature on developing Leadership and Professionalism skills during a Seminar course called Decision-Making, Motivation, and Leadership. 
Every other month they get together and discuss practical examples and key points discussed in the book as well as from journal articles approaching the topic in alternate ways.
This year the course hosted Dr. Tim Morey, Dr. Mike Good, Dr. Dave Quillen, Dr. Renard Sessions, and Dr. Nik Gravenstein to participate in their discussions focused on Motivation and Influence and subsequently the group read the following books:
Over 40 residents participated in this years DML Seminar over the year, and the below is a list of the residents who participated in all of the books.
Congratulations Team!
Cobb, Danielle 
Kaminsky, Michael 
Smith, Cameron 
Sams, Greg
Stoker, Robert 
Hotchkiss, Mark 
Mohammad, Shazia
Bremer, Justin
Fugate, Angela
Thompson, Keith 
Hyde, Spencer
Desmond, Matthew
Cutchins, Cliff